Every third Wednesday of the month

Aaron. is a Ghent based DJ and co-founder of the immersive Dauwtrip-collective.

Aaron. likes to create a moment. For him a good set is like a good story: to carefully catch a dream, build it up to the next cliffhanger, only to fall in love with the underdog again. He adores a melancholic tension that keeps the audience in his grip from start to finish, technical and immersive. A game of repel and attract, flirting with the listeners.

For his Microwave residency, Aaron. will bring his newest endeavor called “Equinox Tapes”, a 12 hour long set, recorded throughout the year. He will record a new one-hour mixtape each month, seamlessly transitioning from the previous one. Aaron. wants to touch a wide range of genres, guiding listeners through the mystic and dark night into the sunrise, mirroring the concept of day and night.The project will start on March 20th 2024 and end on March 20th 2025, both dates an equinox. Both nights as long as their daytime companions, and now with a soundtrack fitting perfectly between sunset and sunrise.