Dj Imodium

Every last Sunday morning of the month.

He goes by the name of dj Imodium and lives in St. Gilles, just ‘on the border’ with Ixelles. Will soon be live in Turin for a good couple of months. He thinks his music as difficult and diverse. Exploring all kinds of electronic music from then and from now, across the globe, travelling through decades and countries. 

The residency will mostly be ambient and downtempo-focused, with cosmic and rather eclectic slow(er) electronic music, but also progressive and psychedelic rock, and jazz. To keep ears listening other lesser known genres will pass the revue as well. As he says : "clubs and nightlife in Brussels are saturated with high-energy techno, breaks, jungle and other electronic music" his residency will therefore try to fill another gap of unheard and wonderful music – with occasional tracks (or full specials) from mostly older Persian artists, sub-Saharan collectives, Bollywood soundtracks, Brazilian soul and other good stuff. 

The residency will consist of mostly sets from dj Imodium (with and without talking), guest sets from befriended djs and producers and full “no-skip” albums and other releases.