Jon Slo

Every second Sunday of the month

Brussel based Jonas Dewaele jogs the wheels under his alias jon slo.

He first got into music while living in Bruges on a quest to counter the abundance of commercial music and soulless parties. Primary focusing on disco, funk, soul and consorts he spinned the decks under the alias it.takes.two together with long time highschool friend Julian Devos a.k.a. juliojulio.

Eventually the sound evolved as he started discovering the more electronic side of the spectrum. This led to the end of it.takes.two and start of jon slo.

Throughout my microwave residency, I aim to curate a mix of tracks that defy easy genre categorization always unified by shared sonic elements. Sourcing sounds that are deeply rooted in the frequencies and vibrations inherent to life as we know it.
Showcasing the dynamic energy and allure intrinsic to electronic music.
Enjoy the ride.