Juicy's Agency

Every first Wednesday every two months

Juicy's Agency is a brand new music and event agency currently based in Antwerp.
An authentic music agency which focuses on the craft, the music and the artist.
We create a community driven by the love for music instead of commercial interests.

Today we're living in a challenging musical landscape.
The urge to go viral, to collect likes and external appearances seem to be more important than musicality, creativity and authenticity.
Artists feel forced to adapt their sound to suit mass audience tastes, at the expense of their own artistic vision.

Therefore Juicy's Agency supports artists who explore musical depths, who love pushing boundaries and which strive for integrity.
We support artists with a true passion for the craft and which dare to be critical, provocative and controversial.

With our residency at Microwave we want to showcase the talented artists on Juicy's Agency to put them in a broader daylight.
We're not bound to a specific genre. The sets on our residency will be spanning a range of different genres (electronic and non electronic). From bossa nova, afrobeat, funk and hip hop to techno, new beat, disco and house.

We especially want to share the passion for the craft of DJing, quality music and love.