Liaison Collective


    Liaison Collective is a group of queer migrant musicians and music lovers with a mission to create a space and platform where newcomers with similar backgrounds can come together. This space doubles as a rehearsal studio, providing opportunities to refine technical skills or learn new ones through informal education. Additionally, it offers chances to network within the local music scene. While we've secured a temporary rehearsal spot from Globe Aroma, our goal is to establish our own, separate space. We believe our project can become a go-to hub for emerging queer musicians. These independent spaces are crucial for fostering social connections, building networks, encouraging collaborations, sharing expertise, and above all, providing a safe environment for everyone involved. To the extent that there isn't a comparable space anywhere in Belgium.

      A year ago, we came together as a collective, driven by four main factors. Firstly, the absence of a strong network made accessing exclusive spaces on our own difficult. Secondly, stereotypes and high expectations limited our opportunities as migrant artists within cultural spaces. Thirdly, the lack of a safe rehearsal space for queer individuals posed a significant challenge. Lastly, our shared commitment to helping others and growing our initiative into a more impactful force fueled our collaboration. By embracing the snowball principle, we aim to share experiences, provide mutual support, and strengthen our bond as we progress.

      Initially, we aim to leverage this platform for our members, enabling them to showcase their music, energy, and feelings to a wider audience. Simultaneously, we seek to increase awareness about our platform, positioning it as a significant contributor to the local music landscape. Our platform holds significance in the local music scene as it introduces fresh talent, innovative sounds, and unique perspectives within the city and beyond its borders. Strengthening our platform is crucial to expanding access to diverse cultural offerings and reaching more listeners, thereby enriching the cultural landscape.

      If you are a queer newcomer musician  In brussels, Join us!