Every third Tuesday of the month

My name is Max (Meex), I was born in Brussels and I still live here today.
From being a radio show host at my school, I quickly went into event organizing, channeling my passion into creating experiences for fellow music enthusiasts.
The Slice Of Pie event series invites people to gather around a common love for music, but also… pies. Yes, we always end our events with a “slices of pie distribution” for the hungriest.
Inextricably linked with Belgium's burgeoning music scene, I’m always committed to connect people & push artists to break their boundaries. To put a tag on all this stuff that I initiate, I created Meexbookpro.
You could see it as an ever-evolving-solutions-agency that focuses on finding the best way to express someone’s art in the most adequate & honest way.

Open to all genres and practices, this residency will allow me to showcase the music that I love.
I personally stand at the crossroads of various musical influences. I don’t remember not being attracted to anything music related so I really spent my life looking around a lot. It’s hard for me to dislike something that was created out of love, no matter the genres. I mostly rely on the feeling it provides, although sometimes it takes a specific time & space for me to listen & really grasp it.
When I play for a crowd, I have an affinity for rap, bass and “booty” music. I wouldn’t be able to give 3 keywords as it’s always going to be different, but I have ears almost everywhere. I believe music cannot be described by restraining words that refers to "genres" that can be oppresive for some. Aren't we already just making up words to describe something that cannot be?
I’m driven by the desire to share songs with those who have yet to discover them. I like to spark & witness this magic that occurs when a track resonates profoundly, deep within the recesses of a listener's mind.

With “The Meexbook Show”, I want to provide a palpable narrative, encapsulating stories that invite listeners to lose themselves in the music. I will probably speak a few facts about the tracks or artists from time to time. I try to create a delicate balance of humor and intensity.As a curator, I also wanna make room for those who don't always have a place to express themselves. Sometimes it's because of a lack of self-confidence or fear to open their hearts out (we all know these shy talented people who don't even share, release or play anything, anywhere). I'd like to give these people a way to try, anonymously if they want...