No stream this summer!

Microwave is taking its annual summer break, Were back in September!


Every first Wednesday of the month.

Johannes Mogus van Heusden is an Antwerp based DJ who goes by the name Mogus. He started DJ'ing in 2007 while he was part of the DnB & Jungle crew called Mofe Crew. Mofe Crew played all over Belgium on events such as Stealth Bombers in Trix, Steam in the Decadence, Der Machine in Leuven and many more. Additionally they organised their own events (Rollout, Motion Tween,...). After Mofe Crew split up, Mogus started a personal musical journey. He plays music ranging from ambient/experimental/downtempo to house/techno and more ravey stuff. 

Mogus describes his sound as conventional yet experimental at the same time. "I see myself as a generalist with a specialsts ear. I try to have an open mind and ear towards different kinds of music. I tend to go looking for unique and rare records of a certain style/genre of music. I love to play extended sets where I can really surf through different genres, tempos and sound textures."

His residency at Microwave allows him to share his experiments. Challenging himself everytime by choosing a different genre, mix up genres, different mixing styles and techniques and by inviting peope who take him out of his comfort zone. Mogus hopes to encourage others to do the same and add more freedom to the art of DJ'ing.