No stream this summer!

Microwave is taking its annual summer break, Were back in September!


Every third Monday of the month

For Johannes, based in Brussels but born in Vilvoorde. Music has been the central theme in a lot of stuff that he has done these past 10 years .From going out, to putting out shows himself joining projects as Matinée, Pilar, Mekitburn, Verscholen Klanken, Dar, Skoetefest, ...

During the lockdown he found a lot of inner peace in ambient music and he found this was something to cherish and even more in an ever going faster world. This is also the reason that he enrolled in Matinée, a slow music and brunch concept in Brussels, each last Sunday of the month at changing location throughout the city

Called after a bird, nature sounds are common elements in his selection. With a variety of slow gems, he flutters and tweets somewhere on the crosspoint of colourful darkness and heavy lightness.