Every third Saturday of the month

Mygu is a DJ, born and raised in Ghent. Being into electronic music early on, it was just a matter of time to start mixing on his own. This happened with the help of coincidental meetings and quickly made decisions with people that became friends. Together with these friends Mygu organized some legal (and some less legal) parties, where Mygu mostly played House and Techno. After a while his interest started to shift to Electro (Anthony Rother, Umwelt, The Exaltics...). A genre he’s always liked and that let him escape our world. Now he’s on a mission to show others what’s out there and to find likeminded electroheads on his way, never knowing where his ship will land.

This residency will be a continuation of his ‘monthly mix-project' he started earlier this year. Electro will offcourse be the main focus with the occasional EBM and techno track. A solid selection is key. A blend of mostly new tracks without forgetting gems from the past.