No stream this summer!

Microwave is taking its annual summer break, Were back in September!


Every 4th Saturday of the month

nnrmnlg (pron. 'inner monologue') is a DJ and visual art project from Leuven-area based Pieter, fulfilling a need to express the unspoken things inside themself. The result is a soundtrack for the end of the world. An eclectic mix of anything weird and experimental, soothing and harsh, from danceable to far from it, with a healthy dose of UK influence. Not bound by any genre, always keeping you on your toes, not knowing what might come next.

This residency will be a continuation of their mix series called 'gemoedstoestand'. Every set is meant as a reflection of their mood in that moment or month. New discoveries and old favourites come together with homemade generative visuals, challenging themself to create something new and fresh everytime.