Odd Job

Every fourth Wednesday of the month

Together, Brussels based artists Camille Bleker and Brecht Hayen form ‘Odd Job’, a project that melts both their interests and turns them into a radio show during their residency on Microwave.

Camille mixes short stories and poetry with an interest in surrealism and absurdism. Her current project involves giving a voice to inanimate objects like a smart fork, a kitchen mixer, or a bed cover. She regularly reads her texts during live performances.

Brecht makes music and loves weird sounds, cassette recordings, unprompted or self-initiated music and creating eerie instruments by sampling his voice. He’s also involved in a band and theater collective named Frankie.

Every last Wednesday of the month they present a selection of spoken word tunes, oddball experiments, unclassifiable curiosities and swift concoctions from well-, under- and lesser-known artists.

Between a podcast, an audiobook and a music set, the show immerses listeners into the peculiar and unusual aspects of life, engulfing atmospheres and stories with or without narratives. A celebration of the extraordinary oddities of the world.