Paul Weck

Every second Friday of the month.

Paul Weck is a vinyl and DJ promoter born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany, but moved to Weimar to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in architecture. Two years ago he volunteered in the architecture team at Horst, started an internship and fell in love with Brussels. Currently he’s living in Weimar again to finish his studies

He is a member of the NL and X² collective, which explores the dimensions and boundaries of musical spaces through architectural, artistic, and musical experiments and interventions. Through their monthly Podcast series at X², they aim to foster collaboration between musical and visual artists and facilitate exchanges within our university communities. His own music, which he makes with his 3 turntables, is heavily inspired by a techno background. Nevertheless since he started studying he bought a lot of breakbeat, electro and trance vinyl which diversified his collection a lot. Brussels gave him the final kick to buy old Dubstep and DnB so now he’s busy jumping between genres to keep his DJ alias away from genre associations.

In his residency he would love to share his perspective on audio visual experiences, in hope that someone can relate.