No stream this summer!

Microwave is taking its annual summer break, Were back in September!


Every third Thursday of the month

Originally from the midlands of England, Pusjka is a Ghent based DJ, visual artist, musician and poet. He's drawn to the indefinable hybrid spaces between genres, but underpinning everything, is a love for dark, low end weight. Brutal yet sensual, Pusjka's sound is all about balance. Industrial textures, delivered with tenderness. An intuitive friction between metallic rhythms, weightless space and the profound caress of bass. He's most seduced by tracks where the experimental finds an elegant equilibrium with intoxicating dance floor energy. According to him, each month is an opportunity to create a subtle sonic atmosphere of narrative ambiguity; an intimate window of communication with a listener. Every mix, like a poem, is a delicately orchestrated shifting of energy and attention from one element to another. Perhaps the committed listener can be transported into meditative, hypnotic, primal or erotic states. It’s also an opportunity to share some more experimental discoveries that wouldn’t always fit within a club context.