Registry Magazine

Every third Monday of the month

    Anna Sarkisova, (born in Moscow in 2001), graphic designer currently based in Antwerp. “My main interest in graphic design so far was reading text by means of typesetting and looking for visual, textual, graphic alongside with performative interpretations of textual structures. I am currently researching the notion of border crossing, its historic and bureaucratic aspects, prompted by my personal experience of travelling between my native home in Moscow and current home in Antwerp.”

    Naomi Serov, (born in Vienna in 1999), visual artist currently based in Antwerp.
    “Like many other people, I try to make sense of my surroundings and the pace of living, dictated by norms, laws, regulations – within the black and white domain of bureaucracy. I aim to transform the bureaucratic idea into a method, an activity with strict rules and customs, to change my negative perception into a competitive eagerness – an outlook of acceptance above anything else. On my journey of betterment, the contradictions are identified and remedied by a dialectical approach.”

    Together we are registry collective. Registry is a setting organised for play within the formal and informal. Part of our practice is creating systems for collected information that was not structured before and perhaps never needed to be. Our topics of interest circle around linguistics, philosophy, performance, the notions of play, collection, censorship. We like absurdity. We mock bureaucracy.

    So far registry produced 2 zines, participated in several events (amongst which the Art Sale at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp), and is currently integrating performance in its practice. Each episode of our desired podcast would reconcile several on the first glance random “word pairs” that we gather from our initial research in the zine. From the listeners perspective the reconciliation establishes a direct, even if absurd, connection between the elements mentioned in the zine. Examples of possible pairings: “solitary antiseptic”, “stainless totality”, “merely entities”, “Paul McCartney in automatic bags”, “direction: trickery”, “surprisingly, I’m nothing”.