Every first Friday of the month

Hi im Sookie, a Brussels based DJ. I’m quite new to the scene, during lockdown I had a lot of time on my hands and I missed the parties so I started playing myself. In time I developed my own specific taste, going from ambient, dub and tribal downtempo records to high bpm trance, techno and goa tracks but always with a specific love for anything from early days of electronic music.

Music has been and still is my main source of joy in life and I love to share this feeling with friends and others. So, I would like my residency to be an outlet for all the music I find roaming across youtube and discogs in search for new gems. I will try to keep the residency all vinyl and take the listener through my collection. Offering them an escape, as my sets are thought to be harmonic and well balanced, melodic and atmospheric and made to let the listener wander in their mind.